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If you've been driving at all in recent months, you clearly have been paying attention to the downward spiral of gas prices. All of us Minnesotans have been loving this trend -- cheaper prices at the pump definitely put a smile on Minnesota drivers' faces. But how many times have you filled up at the pump and then driven down the road a mile and seen a gas station with prices that are three cents lower a gallon? To prevent this from ever happening to you again, before you fill up next time, check out -- they have created an interactive map that has all the best gas prices at stations around the Twin Cities. 

If you really want to feel good about being a Minnesotan getting the best deal, check out the map from a national scale where prices are much higher in many areas of the country, especially the coasts. In California and New York, prices are well over $2.50 a gallon. So, despite the freezing cold experience of filling up in the frigid winter, at least you can feel good about getting the best deal from Gas Buddy and feel good about the fact that you aren't paying as much as New Yorkers. 

Check out the interactive map below. Punch in your area code to hone in on your area. 

Twin Cities Gas Prices provided by
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