Minnesota Stops the Freeze on TurboTax Prepared Returns

In the past week many Minnesotans seeking to get their 2014 taxes done have been on a rollercoaster. Because of an apparent security breach of Turbo Tax's database, the Minnesota Department of Revenue suspended consumer's ability to submit their returns on the widely used tax software. With so many Minnesotans filing their taxes with the inexpensive Turbo Tax, many were reeling about how much they would have to pay in order to file without the cheap option.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue released in a statement on Saturday that they would again accept returns filed on Turbo Tax from Minnesotans. Intuit, the company who produces the Turbo Tax software, said their system had not been breached, resulting in the reversal of the Minnesota Department of Revenue's decision to ban the tax returns filed by the software. Intuit even went the extra mile and "implemented new and targeted security measures." 

This news is welcome to all those who love the simplicity of Turbo Tax and just how easy it can make filing taxes. 

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