Basic Home Standards For FHA Approval 

When it comes to borrowing money from a lender for just about anything, certain guidelines must be met in terms of what you’re able to buy, and that’s certainly the case with FHA home loans

Comprehensive checklists can be found online to help you determine whether a property fits FHA requirements, but here’s a brief rundown of what to expect when it comes to FHA home standards: 

  • Property must be free and clear of all known hazards that may affect the health and safety of the occupants, may affect the structural soundness of the property, or may impair the customary use or enjoyment of the property. 
  • Foundation walls, exterior walls, windows, screens, roof surface, gutters, downspouts, and weather insulation must all be structurally sound and are subject to inspection.
  • Surrounding property much be free of toxic chemicals, radioactive materials, hazardous activity, inadequate surface drainage, erosion, excessive noise, and general pollution.
  • If the home was built prior to 1978, lead paint and asbestos must be addressed and removed.
  • All mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems on the property must be inspected and in working order.  


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