Minneapolis Real Estate by Community

The Minneapolis real estate market is diverse, rich and full of character. The city has a range of neighborhoods which can meet the specific needs of any buyer. Aside from the different homes and properties that Minneapolis has to offer, the neighborhoods themselves have their own character, beauty and amenities to offer residents. The gorgeous Mississippi River winds its way through Minneapolis, almost acting as a natural divider to the St. Paul area. The river and all the nearby lakes make Minneapolis a popular destination for all sorts of Twin Cities residents.

Minneapolis has a variety of beautiful modern architecture, in both its homes and the buildings in the downtown area. The neighborhoods surrounding the downtown area have many single-family homes, some older but with plenty of unique features. Most of these older homes have been updated or refurbished, making them a perfect blend of an older personality and modern amenities. The downtown area has a plethora of condos and apartment complexes in their high rise buildings. The Minneapolis market as a whole offers everything from starter homes, to lavish homes or condos, from affordable to expensive.

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