Sharia - Murabaha - Musharakah - Mutanaqisa Loans & Fiancing

If you have special financing needs that meet the requirements of Sharia Law (Murabaha or Musharakah Mutanaqisa), the Barker Hedges Group’s team member Mike Sullivan is working with Sharia compliant financial institutions.

Barker Hedges Group is dedicated to providing exceptional service for our clients.  We work with trusted Sharia compliant lenders and banks with financial offerings based on the writings of Islamic finance laws. The financial institutions’ offerings were carefully reviewed by the Shariah Supervisory Board of America.While Barker Hedges Group cannot guarantee that each potential customer will find the Islamic financing religiously sufficient, the financial institutions we work with have financing products that have been crafted under a reasonably strict understanding of Islamic law requirements. The products offered by the banks also meet the requirements of U.S. law. The financial institutions have taken many steps to meet with religious advisors both in the United States and other countries to craft consumer-focused products that will be seen as religiously-compliant by the majority of Muslims.

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