Saint Paul first time home buyer programs

St Paul has many programs available to first time home buyers that encompass all neighborhoods within the city.  These programs are covered below.  It also has first time home buyer programs specifically for individual St. Paul neighborhoods.

Bridge to Success Contract for Deed Program

For available properties in St Paul and Minneapolis.  For information on this program please visit our Minneapolis program page. 


The NeighborWorks Home Partners (formerly Community Neighborhood Housing Services) has been in operation for over 30 years. They have worked on providing homeownership services and programs to potential homebuyers in St. Paul and its surrounding communities. Their goal is to revitalize the Twin Cities area and help families build wealth through homeownership. This group has invested more than $166 million in Twin Cities’ neighborhoods.

Buying your first home can be overwhelming. Let us help!  We are committed to finding you any grant monies or assistance programs available to you.  Our buyer agent services are FREE!  Please contact us for more information.  We have assisted hundreds of first time home buyers and look forward to the opportunity to assist you!

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CityLiving Program (No longer accepting applications)

The City of St. Paul offers mortgage loans and two types of home improvement loans through its CityLiving Home Programs, a joint effort between the City of Saint Paul and the City of Minneapolis. For more than 20 years the two cities have worked together to create mortgage loan products for low- and moderate-income families. More than 10,000 people have purchased a residence through the CityLiving program. The City of Saint Paul offers mortgage loans and two types of home improvement loans through its City Living Program. Typically free grants are offered up to 2% of the loan amount if you pay a little higher rate (Usually still below market rate) or you can get a slightly lower rate if you don't choose the free grant.  Only available for First Time Home Buyers.

CityLiving loans offer homebuyers an opportunity to purchase St. Paul homes at an interest rate that historically ranks below general market rates.

Here are the qualifications the program expects:

  • Maximum household income for 1-2 people is $84,000
  • Maximum household income for 3 or more people is $92,000
  • Maximum purchase price limit is $276,870
  • 2% grant available for down payment or closing costs with a slightly higher interest rate

The City Living Program also offers homebuyer education and counseling through its Home Stretch Program.  Coordinated by the Minnesota Home Ownership Center, Home Stretch educates people about the home buying process so they can avoid common mistakes and predatory lending. Finally, after the home has been purchased, CityLiving also offers both Code Abatement Loans and Home Repair Loans for very low-income homeowners: The City of St. Paul will give interest-free loans for code abatements for qualifying households that are within 50% of the median income for this metropolitan area. The maximum loan amount is $20,000. The loan is repaid at the time the house is sold.  Amortizing loans at 1% interest are available for home repairs. The Maximum term is 20 years. The maximum loan is $25,000. The maximum income to qualify for this loan is 80% of the median income for the metropolitan area. This loan can only be used to complete code repairs.

CityLiving MCC Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) (No longer accepting applications)

Offers a credit of 20% of yearly mortgage interest to offset a federal tax liability (no funds for Down Payment)

Saint Paul Home Ownership Program (HOP) (unavailable)

The Home Ownership Program offers affordable home ownership opportunities in non-impacted areas of St. Paul to buyers with incomes at or below 80% of the metropolitan median income. The City provides up to $30,000 per home in affordability gap financing to the homebuyer in the form of a deferred loan due and payable at the time of sale of the property. The Home Ownership Program is a partnership between the City of Saint Paul and the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation.