Twin Cities Real Estate

The Twin Cities suburbs have as much variety and diversity as the two cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The rural areas surrounding the metro used to be abundant in the early 20th century. But over time, these areas have transformed into well-planned, wonderful suburban communities to live. These communities offer a bit more spaced out living, with many residents owning their own homes.

Living in one of these suburban areas, one is almost required to have their own vehicle to get around efficiently. This gives residents the freedom to travel the suburban landscape with ease, as these areas are set up to handle a lot of vehicle traffic. These cities have convenient access to the metro's major roadways to help residents get around the Twin Cities with ease. Many residents work in either Minneapolis or St. Paul, but commute to work from these suburban communities.

The slower pace and more living space gives these areas great parks, walking and biking paths, and all the necessary amenities, from great restaurants, grocery stores and entire retail districts, to movie theaters and other forms of entertainment, and much more.

Some of the best communities outside of the metro are Woodbury, Chanhassen, Chaska, Eden Prairie and the city that is home to the Mall of America, Bloomington.

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